Rodding Adhesive

Use to Insert Reinforcing Rods into Natural Stone and Quartz Surfaces

  • Application Method Eliminates Hand Mixing
  • Reduces Labor and Waste to Produces a Low Cost system for reinforcing stone
  • Reduce or Eliminate Breakage, (double the flexural strength of most natural stone)
  • Adheres to steel and fiberglass reinforcing rods

This Epoxy Modified Acrylic reduces labor by eliminating hand mixing and is designed to produce strong, fast curing, and invisible seams.

The Rodding Adhesive provides a fast curing, low waste, labor saving adhesive for embedding rods in Granite, Marble and Engineered Stone countertops.

  • The Rodding Adhesive is an epoxy based compound packaged in a 500ml dual cartridge designed to increase strength, cut costs, reduce waste and save time when embedding fiberglass or steel reinforcement rods in countertops.
  • Testing shows that the process can improve load tolerance up to 300 % and deflection up to 1600 %.
  • The Rodding Adhesive provides excellent bond strength and flow properties for the different rods options available to fabricators: Steel Flat bar, Rectangular rods, round rods and Fiberglass flat stock are all compatible.
  • The Rodding Adhesive uses a meter-mix-dispense system (cartridge delivery) that combines the strength of an epoxy with the cure speed and consistency of an acrylic to combat waste, save time and reduce overall costs.
  • Additional properties include a 15 minute cure and low waste static mixers.

Always sand the back of the surface material to increase surface area, remove process debris and other foreign substances which can interfere with bonding. A coarse grade of abrasive will further improve bond strength.