Composite Bonder

Toughened Methacrylate

  • Composite Bonder is a premium grade, toughened Methacrylate adhesive, used to create a fast curing, strong, flexible bond to a wide variety of substrates.
  • Composite Bonder can be used to attach many dissimilar materials to Solid Surface, Granite or Engineered Stone, such as Steel, Aluminum, and Fiberglass Composites, PVC, ABS, etc.
  • High shear, tensile, and impact strength allows for attaching bolts, sink fasteners, metal supports and stainless steel sinks. You have to try this to believe how strong and flexible it is.
  • Composite Bonder is packaged in most of the same cartridge sizes as our Stone, Quartz and Solid Surface adhesives so there is no need to buy a separate dispenser.
  • This is a great product for around the shop, with steel to steel bonds of approx. 3000PSI (Lap Shear strength) and the ability to attach dissimilar metals and plastics, its uses are unlimited.
  • Composite Bonder is used for room temperature bonding of Fiberglas Reinforced Products, Composites, Metals, and plastics (ABS, PVC). This adhesive is designed to produce tough, impact resistant, fast curing joints for applications in the Marine, Recreation, Construction and Transportation industries.
  • Composite Bonder is the recommended adhesive for installing under mount fasteners due to its high strength, flexibility and impact resistance. This toughened Methacrylate adhesive is packaged in standard dual component cartridges and is used to bond metal fasteners to Solid Surfaces, Natural Stone and Quartz Surfacing materials. Composite Bonder requires little or no surface preparation in most applications and remains flexible at low temperatures with excellent impact resistance. It is 100 % reactive (contains no solvents) and is shelf stable for up to one year.